About Us

What we are all about...

Backyard Pitch Productions is a queer POC led social impact business based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our vision is a Global South where people are supported to move through and thrive beyond colonial legacies and structural injustices.

Our mission is to collaborate with communities to revitalize cultural movements and expression, towards a future of our mutual imagining.

In practice this involves creating and distributing various forms of media, artistic interventions, and facilitating experiences, dialogues and experiments with communities.

Kelly-eve Koopman

Kelly-Eve Koopman, is a South African writer and committed, artivist. She is a published author and works through various mediums including film, TV and prose.  She is also an alumna of the Atlantic Fellowship for Racial Equity.

Sarah Summers

Sarah Summers is a cultural worker, playful activist and serious artist. A media maverick, Sarah  approaches our systemic oppression, collective trauma and internalized self hatred with a tender heart, ingenuity and encouragement.


Where we are

At present, local civil society is reliant on outdated modules of organising against structural injustice and poverty. Much of the activism and resistance to  ineffective and undignified governance is driven by feelings of anger and frustration. The COVID pandemic has also deepened the sense of helplessness, isolation and  insecurity as our already inadequate economic and social systems buckle under the pressure of a new normal.


However, the pandemic highlights  the need to reimagine the system of our global social fabric. More than ever, people are looking for creative and healing approaches to participate in building  kind and just social structures.

Our work

We believe that  we are all born with purpose and capacity  to determine our own lives and futures.

We believe that  we are all born with purpose and capacity  to determine our own lives and futures.  Our experience has shown that collaborative narrative building, content that disrupts generic cultural narratives, and inspiring facilitated environments offer much needed support and encouragement in expressing and manifesting our shared values. This creative vision can lead to positive and lasting social change.

"All organizing is science fiction. When organizers imagine a world without poverty, without war, without borders or prisons—that's science fiction. They're moving beyond the boundaries of what is possible or realistic, into the realm of what we are told is impossible."

—Walidah Imarisha